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The Value of Efficiency

Bringing a design from a blueprint to reality is the life's-work of Guenther's skilled craftsmen, and our computer-assisted fabrication plant brings economy and state-of-the-art precision to their craft.

Entire ductwork systems, laid out and fabricated in our modern facility, are sent to the project site for a more efficient and economical installation. Precision tools and a safe working environment allow our people to focus on details, and a minimum of wasted time and material means savings for our customers. That's the Guenther benefit: fabrication, with automation.

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Sheet Metal capabilities include the following equipment and processes:

• Computerized estimating
• Computerized fitting layout
• Plasma cutting table
• Fabrication equipment
• PVC/Fiberglass ductwork
• Special metals (i.e. stainless steel, aluminum, copper)